• Health Safety and Environment Officer Cantilever Contractors Limited
    Occupational Health, Safety & Environment (OHSE) Professional. Highly accomplished Health, Safety & Environment Professional with accomplishments in Health, Safety and Environment Management systems, Policies & Procedures, Risk Management, compliance Audits, inspections, Emergency preparedness, Incident Management, and Environmental management. Practical experience in executing National level projects in line with international best practices.
  • Sales Engineer Davis & Shirtliff
    Saada Mandari is a holder of MSc. Energy Policy and BSc, Environmental Science and Management. Passionate about environment especially energy and climate aspect with experience in designing and project management of different Solar solutions i.e. Grid-Tie, Hybrid, back-up, Solar Pumping solutions. She possesses vast set of skills including computer skills such as Ms. Office, SPSS, GIS, Modelling software such as HOMER, Leap Software. Moreover, has a number of Environmental certifications which includes Energy Audit, Health Safety Representatives, Integrated Management Systems (ISO:9001,14001,45001), Alternative power generation technologies, Comprehensive energy management Action plan, Active Energy Efficiency using Speed control and Battery Safety and Environmental Concerns. Other skills include design thinking, Leadership, Business Skills, Project Management, Data management and record keeping.
  • WASH Consultant boMake Rural Projects
  • Intern OGOH
    Enthusiastic Political Scientist and Policy Analyst. Flexible and proven ability for team work. Water Policy student at the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES). my areas of interest are: Integrated water resource management, Public policy, Water governance, WASH( Water sanitation and hygiene)
  • Water Engineering graduate PAUWES
    Nisrin Berrezoug holds a bachelor’s degree in Hydro-science (2014) and a master’s degree in Hydrogeology (2016) with first-class honors from the University of Abou Bekr Belkaid-Tlemcen, Algeria. As a water-engineering student at PAUWES, I had the opportunity to learn too much from PAUWES Professor's Life experiences and from various workshops. PAUWES helps me personally to know people from all over the continent, which made me, change some stereotypes. My master project was focused on the impact of climate variability on the flow of wadi Boukiou (Tafna, Algeria)
  • Student (Energy Policy) PAUWES
    Hanane BELMOKHTAR ,From Algeria. I have graduated from Technology University BELKAID ,Tlemcen,Algeria With master degree in architecture, specialized in bioclimatic conception and performance energetic, I had got 17 point .Not just that , I also had a high average in every semester .Not long after that, I worked  as an architect at a design office for one year. In other hand and before all that I have worked many subcontracting which are attached at my Cv .I have just graduated From PAUWES, where i studied Energy Policy . My Two Years in PAUWED was really an excellent Opportunity to deepen my khnowledges in the field of energy and combine it with the field of architecture .
  • Intern UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)
  • Research Analyst Interactive Diplomatic Desk
    A well-presented, self-motivated and confident individual looking forward to establish a career in development diplomacy with a special interest in energy partnerships/diplomacy, sustainable energy, renewable energy, climate action, green economy, sustainable development, good governance, peace, conflict resolution, migration, human rights through continuous study, hard work and networking. l possess multi-tasking, flexibility and organizational skills all of which are imperative when working closely with the public and dignitaries. I am of the view that the 21st century development practioner should be able to address several issues; hence l am involved in renewable energy and sustainable development research. I have inherent humanitarian principles and have set myself to develop more skills. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and l am an innovative, a risk taker, resilient, problem solving and a creative thinker.
  • Senior Research Scientist Université de Kinshasa
    Constant K­UNAMBU MBOLIKIDOLANI is a dyna­mic and de­voted Ener­gy Engineere­r with two master’s ­degrees in­ the ener­gy engineer­ing field ­and 10+ ye­ars of pro­fessional ­experience­ in Energy­-based Pro­ject Manag­ement, Tec­hnical Dir­ection, Ma­rket Resea­rch, and D­ata Analys, as well as in Ac­ademic Res­earch fiel­d. He was the President of PAUWES Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club (PEIC), the founder of A­NITECK Company as well as the co-founder of NIK­KYM Group Company. Constant K­UNAMBU MBOLIKIDOLANI believes that every human has a duty to make the world a better place for life by preserving human life and the physical environment, which should be beaqueathed to the next generation. This philosophy is rooted in his passion for science, technology, social entrepreneurship, and innovation/industry.
  • Research Intern UNIDO Department of Energy
    A self-motivated, career driven professional proactively working with Renewable Energy Systems, Rural Electrification and Energy Planning Projects. 
  • MSc. Graduate in Water Policy PAUWES
    William NDIHOKUBWAYO is a Burundian, MSc graduate student in Water and Environmental Management program of study, in Water Policy specialization from the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (Including Climate Change), Algeria. He has a background in Water and Environment including Bachelors and Master’s Degree from University Djillali Liabes of Sidi Bel Abbes (Algeria). He has also volunteering experience in Communication and Information management in local NGOs and community outreach facilitation and delivery practices. He is deeply interested and enthusiastic about topics on shared water resources planning, monitoring and decision making process, community water governance, socio-economic development, sustainability and management.
  • Masters Graduate Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences
    Water policy analyst with a zest for solving complex water policy problems. Seeking to use proven project management and policy analysis skills to improve quality and management of water.
  • Assistant Lecturer Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
  • Student Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences
  • Graduate Student an African University fof Water and Energy Sciences (incl. climate change)
    I am a Master of Sciences in Water Engineering Track at Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences in Algeria with a  background of Civil Engineering and Environment with a major in Hydraulic and Environment.  My role is to play a lead role in supporting effective and sustainable initiatives for the proper environment management through adequate infrastructures and technologies. I have interests in groundwater, urban water and storm water management, weather extremes management and prediction, Water-food-Enery Nexus and infrastructures design and management.