Mugumya Andrew
Student at PAUWES
Roofings Rolling Mills Ltd, Rwenzori Bottling Company Ltd, Rene Industries Uganda
Makerere University
    • Andrew is a resourceful, Innovative and flexible individual. Very enthusiastic in learning new things and acting professionally. Living by example is what I admire most when leading a team. I dont believe in any man being or acting like  an Island so am always open to advise and act ethically. when am set out to do something i always want to see it done before anything else thus i consider that to be both my weakness and strength 

    • Senior Production Engineer
      Roofings Rolling Mills Ltd
      Oct 2012
      Oct 2015
      Assigning daily tasks to a group to a 81 team members Managing and organizing my team for assigned tasks Machine fitting and assembling Carrying out all quality checks of the product Troubleshooting any mechanical problem that would rise Monitoring and overseeing the line operations
    • Laboratory Technician
      Rwenzori Bottling Company Ltd
      Jan 2012
      Aug 2012
      Quality monitoring of all the manufacturing processes Microbiological and chemical analysis of water leading a quality a junior team of quality assurance
    • Quality Chemical Analyst
      Rene Industries Uganda
      Oct 2010
      Oct 2011
      Preparing test solutions, reagents and compounds to conduct tests Developing, improving and customizing products, formulae, processes, equipment and analytical methods Operating laboratory equipment like PH meters, HPLC, UV visible spectrophotometers, analytical balances etc. Repairing, maintaining and calibrating lab equipments
    • Makerere University
      Industrial Chemistry
      Degree Bachelor Degree
      Grade Second Class Upper
      Activities & Societies Makerere University Chemical Society
      Society was responsible for welcoming and orienting fresh students. it was the bridge between the students and the Department management.It was a science research based society
    • English
      Proficiency Professional Working
  • Top Skills

    1 Team leadership and training
    1 Leadership and management skills
    1 Trouble shooting skills
    1 Quality analysis and assurance
    • BSc. Industrial Chemistry
      Student Makerere University
      MAkerere University
      Jan 2011
    • Others
      Certificate in Computer Applications | 1
      Diploma in Mechanical Engineering | 2
    • Date of Birth Apr 21 1986
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Single
      Nationality Ugandan
      Phone Number +213-554389776/+256-779860061
      Address Tlemcen/ Kampala