Eva Kimonye
Graduate student
Tlemcen, Algeria
United Nations University- Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES), Pan African University of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES) , YoungProfsNet
Abdul Mullick Associates Ltd
Pan African University of Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change, Kenyatta University , EP-RIFORD
    • A skilled professional with work experience as an Assistant Environmentalist and community worker, working on Environmental & Social compliance and evaluation. 

      Flexible and adaptable, I managed multiple initiatives simultaneously while delivering exceptional results that impact bottom line profitability. Moreover, am proficient in policy and procedure development, data maintenance, and office management. 

    • Intern
      United Nations University- Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES)
      Jul 2016
      Jul 2024
    • CoP Community leader
      Pan African University of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES)
      Mar 2016
      Jul 2024
      Responsibilities - Supporting the head of community and the United Nations University-INWEH coordination unit in all major issues concerning the community development and pass on important information to them - Forming the link between the management and the PAUWES students and be the first point of contact for both the management team and community members, via team leaders/unit speakers. Mediate if necessary. - Following all community and team activities in detail and intervene if sensitive issues arise - Ensuring that team activities are implemented. Act as a backup for unit/team activities - Following up on management decisions concerning the CoP. Delegate responsibility and put unit speakers/team leaders in charge
    • Network Director
      Jun 2015
      Jul 2024
      Maarten Smies from The Hague Netherlands and I are establishing an international cooperative network of environmental and social development practitioners on Linkedin. The objective of the network is to provide a platform for young professionals to work together on subjects and projects of common interest. Specifically the network is aimed at providing opportunities for cooperative and mutual learning and development.
    • Environmental Assistant
      Abdul Mullick Associates Ltd
      Jul 2012
      Sep 2015
      I have over three years of professional experience in projects environmental planning and management, environmental and social impact assessment studies, resettlement action plan studies, environmental and social audits and monitoring. I have also been part of the professional team that has provided expertise in environmental impact assessment studies in areas of roads, new town development, housing and buildings. I have dependable knowledge of the environmental sector including the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA-Kenya) and its associated regulations, related statutes/ legislation, policies, institutional frameworks and multilateral financiers’ guidelines such as World Bank and Africa Development Bank (AfDB).
    • Pan African University of Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change
      Water Policy
      Degree Master Degree
    • Kenyatta University
      Environmental Studies(community development)
      Degree Bachelor Degree
      Grade Second class upper division
      Activities & Societies Kenyatta University Environmental Club
      HIV/AIDS Management and Basic Counseling Skills
      Degree Other
    • Associate Expert
      Certification Authority National Environmental Management Authority Kenya
      License Number REG No: 7668
      May 2015
      Jul 2024
    • Water workshop including laboratory
      Certification Authority Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT), TH Köln-University of Applied Sciences.
      Mar 2016
      Apr 2016
    • Coping with the Impact of Climate Change in Managing Water Systems
      Certification Authority The Center for Development Research(ZEF) University of Bonn and Institute for Environment and Human Security/United Nations University
      Mar 2016
      Jul 2024
    • Pan African University Scholarship
      Student Pan African University of Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change
      African Union
      Oct 2015
  • Top Skills

    1 Policy Analysis
    1 Proposal and report writing
    1 Time and behaviour management
    1 Communication and Presentation skill
    1 Team work
    1 Public speaking
    1 Strong Work Ethics
    1 Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness
    • English
      Proficiency Professional Working
    • Swahili
      Proficiency Professional Working
    • French
      Proficiency Elementary
    • One Stop Border Post Facilities Multinational Mombasa-Nairobi-Addis Ababa Road Phase II
      Occupation Environmental Assistant
      Feb 2014
      Sep 2015
      Project URL
      Provided assistance in Environmental and Social field studies and in the preparation of the final Environmental and Social Impact Assessment report. The project is aimed to upgrade the Kenyan and Ethiopia customs border facilities. The project is funded by the African Development Bank.
    • Suna- Masara- Kehancha Road (C13), Awendo-Mariwa Road (D202)
      Occupation Environmental Assistant
      Aug 2013
      Sep 2015
      Project URL
      Participated in meeting with project team for consultations on key operational and design aspects of the road project which included visual inspection of the project area to appreciate the site and delineate radius of influence for both environmental and social aspect and preparation of a Baseline Environmental and Social Audit report.
    • Lower Ewaso Ng’iro South River Multipurpose Dam
      Occupation Environmental Assistant
      Jul 2012
      Oct 2012
      Project URL
      Worked with the Sociology department in making site visits which included meeting of key project stakeholders, training of field facilitators and collection of data. This culminated into the preparation of a Resettlement Action Plan report.
    • Date of Birth Apr 03 1988
      Gender Female
      Marital Status Single
      Nationality Kenyan
      Phone Number +213542220620
      Address Tlemcen, Algeria
    • Pan African University of Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change
      Water quality |
      African Water Scenarios |
      Integrated Water Resources Management |
      Fundamentals of water science and engineering |
      Introduction to policy analysis |
      Academic writing |
      African History |