Felix Kasiti
Water Quality Officer at Safe Water and Sustainable Hygiene Initiative
Safe Water and Sustainable Hygiene Initiative
Food and Agriculture Organization, Safe Water and Sustainable Hygiene Initiative, Hydrosan Consultancy Services
Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES), Tlemcen, Algeria , Maseno University, Kisumu, Kenya, St. Anthony’s Boys High School-Kitale
    • Water quality officer
      Safe Water and Sustainable Hygiene Initiative
      May 2018
      Nov 2023
      In charge of water quality testing, analysis, and Interpretation, water quality procedures, and protocol preparation.
    • Research survey participant
      Food and Agriculture Organization
      Apr 2018
      May 2018
      Participated in the research on the Indian Ocean between the west coast of Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam) and Seychelles (Victoria) as part of the oceanography team where we used different equipment and techniques to assess the physio-chemical conditions along the transect line acquiring skills on the new techniques used in water quality analysis. Parameters such as Oxygen, salinity, pH, Alkalinity, and Temperature were analyzed with use of Ocean Data View program used in analysis.
    • Technical Manager
      Safe Water and Sustainable Hygiene Initiative
      Jan 2016
      Aug 2016
      • Lead the Implementation, Operations and Maintenance departments in borehole drilling, borehole rehabilitation, pump installation, pump repairs and successfully implementing 44 new water points and rehabilitation of 60 wells raising functionality level to a high of 70% while learning how to work as a team. • Piloted the installation of SweetSense sensors an electronic borehole monitoring device on 11 successful sites and second phase of 44 sensors. Team leader in installation and diagnostics and learned how best to monitor projects functionality improved response to repair calls. • Community training with the community engagement team. • Mobilized stakeholders and enhanced partnership and collaboration with the organization bringing onboard county government, health officials, other WASH NGOs, and water officers thus learning how to collaborate with multi-stakeholders to achieve development.
    • Junior hydrologist/hydro-geologist
      Hydrosan Consultancy Services
      Nov 2013
      Dec 2015
      • Conducted hydrogeological and hydrological surveys (using ABEM 300,1000 Terameter) for over 200 sites and modeling the results, writing reports thus learning how to deliver a task with minimum supervision • Developed 2 catchment management plans for Water Resources Users’ Associations while capacity building, training and guiding them thus gaining experience on capacity building and community training. • Supervised the drilling of over 40 successful boreholes (including 14 World Bank commissioned wells). • Conducted Water abstraction survey in two water catchments by mapping of water points using GPS and GIS while in cooperating remote sensing tools.
    • Intern
      Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA)
      May 2013
      Aug 2013
      • Conducted hydrological, hydrogeological surveys and water quality sampling guided by supervisors thus learning basic practical knowledge of field activities. • successfully developed a Sub-Catchment Management Plan (SCMP) for community • Participated in data entry and analysis of rainfall, evaporation, discharge and groundwater data thus mastering accuracy and quality data recording skills.
    • Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES), Tlemcen, Algeria
      Master of Science in Water Policy
      Degree Master Degree
      • Relevant Modules include Water & Sanitation, International Water Standards and Regulations. • 06– 07/2017: Summer school in Bonn, Germany on coping with the impacts of climate change in managing water systems. • Dissertation: Assessing the potential for a water stewardship partnership using the Water Risk and Action Framework, Case of Nzoia Basin Kenya.
    • Maseno University, Kisumu, Kenya
      Bachelor of Science Earth Science (Hydrology and Water Resources Management Option) with Information Technology (IT)-
      Degree Bachelor Degree
      Grade Second class Honours (Upper division)
      • Relevant Modules include Integrated water resources management, hydrology, Geographic Information System, water quality.
    • St. Anthony’s Boys High School-Kitale
    • Member
      Certification Authority Hydrological society of Kenya
      May 2015
      Nov 2023
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    • Rural Water supply management Course,
      Certification Authority HYDROAID - Water for Development Management Institute
      Oct 2018
      Nov 2023
    • LifePump installation & Maintenance Training,
      Certification Authority Design Outreach Inc.
      Jun 2018
      Jul 2018
    • Summer school in Bonn, Germany on coping with the impacts of climate change in managing water systems.
      Jul 2017
      Nov 2023
    • English
      Proficiency Native or Bilingual
    • French
      Proficiency Elementary
    • Swahili
      Proficiency Native or Bilingual
  • Top Skills

    1 Geographical Information System
    1 Remote sensing
    1 Research and development
    1 Good command of Microsoft Office™ tools
    1 Team work
    1 Policy Analysis
    1 Project Management
    • Scholarship for Master’s degree at PAUWES, Tlemcen (Living expenses, tuition, full-board)
      Student Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES), Tlemcen, Algeria
      African Union Commission
      Sep 2016
    • Others
      Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps, ESRI Training |
      Cartography Training, ESRI |
    • Date of Birth Jul 24 1989
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Single
      Nationality Kenyan
      Phone Number +254723283585