Victo Nabunya
Teaching Assistant at Busitema University
Rural Water Filtration Kit
Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University Faculty of Science and Techniques, Fes, Rural irrigation projects
Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy sciences (incl climate change), Busitema University
    • Water Engineer
      Rural Water Filtration Kit
      Jan 2019
      Mar 2024
      Working on aspects of water engineering, including design and management of all water related projects.
    • Reaserch Intern
      Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University Faculty of Science and Techniques, Fes
      Mar 2020
      Jul 2020
      Analysis of hydrological modelling using SWAT and GIS techniques.
    • Lead coordinator
      Rural irrigation projects
      Mar 2018
      Jul 2018
      Organising workshops with farmers, teaching farmers aspects of irrigation technology. Enaling farmers to adopt the chosen irrigation technology and follow up of projects to assess progress. Coordinating students to link up with farmers and share knowledge.
    • I am open-minded and flexible to learning from others.  A Water and Irrigation Engineer who is dedicated to work.  My other areas of interest include, wastewater treatment and management, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, climate change adaptation and gender studies

    • Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy sciences (incl climate change)
      Water Engineering
      Degree Master Degree
    • Busitema University
      Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation Engineering
      Degree Bachelor Degree
    • Using Every Drop: Rainwatewr Harvesting for food security in Mbale, Uganda
      Publication/Publisher IWA
      Publication Date Mar 2020
      The world population is expected to increase with corresponding increase in food production and water withdrawals. To ensure continuous food production throughout the year, increasing irrigation is inevitable. However, the water available for agricultural use is inadequate due to the limited water resources globally and climate change challenges threatening water availability. The economy of Mbale, Uganda, mainly depends on rainfed agriculture. The rain season is from April to October whilst the dry season is from November to March. Therefore, this study examines the potential of rainwater harvesting for domestic and agricultural uses in Mbale. The AquaCrop model was adopted for the yield response of crops to water during the dry season. The study reveals that comparing the resulting rainwater harvesting potential with the water consumption, up to 186% of the annual water demand for domestic use, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) standard, can be provided. Thus, the excess harvested water from a 200 m2 rooftop was simulated for irrigation purposes, which shows that it can be used to cultivate areas of 269, 429, 125 and 388 m2 for cabbage, tomato, maize and potato respectively during dry periods. The economic analysis shows a benefit cost ratio of 1.99 over 10 years. It concludes by recommending RWH as an alternative water supply source for domestic and agricultural uses.
    • Development and evaliuation of an improved metal silo to advance food security in Uganda
      Publication/Publisher Taylor and Francis
      Publication Date Oct 2020
    • Rural Water Filtartion Kit
      Occupation Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy sciences (incl climate change)
      Jan 2018
      Mar 2024
      Project URL
      Our project, Rural Water Filtration Kit (RUWAFIKI) is the development of a household water treatment kit comprising of; crushed moringa seeds; activated carbon, zeolite, and; filter papers. The kit also consists of other accessories including a funnel, stirring stick, latex gloves, and a user manual (in Luganda language) with visual instructions on how to use the kit. . RUWAFIKI is an innovative solution that will enable rural and peri urban households to filter unsafe water so as to remove pathogens, improve odor and color of the water and thus imporove health
    • Date of Birth Sep 15 1993
      Gender Female
      Marital Status Single
      Nationality Ugandan
      Phone Number +256777160918