Risper Oteke
Graduate Student at Pan African Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change)
Tlemcen, Algérie
Kisauni Environment Project, Nile Basin Initiative (Sio-Malaba-Malakisi River Basin Project), CORDIO EA
    • Project Coordinator
      Kisauni Environment Project
      Jun 2013
      Apr 2016
      -Direct and coordinate the functioning of administrative, accounting and project components to meet the organisation objective -Review and develop administrative systems and procedures -Training community groups including schools on natural resources, health and environmental issues -Coordinate accurate, result oriented monthly reporting process in all projects being undertaken -Engagement with the donor, partners and stakeholders on key development initiatives -Monitoring and evaluating the organisation projects and activities
    • Environmental Trainee
      Nile Basin Initiative (Sio-Malaba-Malakisi River Basin Project)
      Mar 2012
      Aug 2012
      •Review information available within and outside the project area on water and natural resource planning, development and management in the region •Assist in guiding and reviewing feasibility study for small reservoir dams in the Nile sub basin and provide technical advice on consultants out-put •Participate in identification and preparation of investment projects •Training and preparation of sub catchment management plan for Water Resource Users Association (WRUA) members. •Organisation of regional workshops, meetings and writing reports
    • Research Associate
      Jul 2011
      Feb 2012
      • Conducting baseline surveys on selected study sites • Participation in development of training/field manuals • Sensitization and capacity building on climate change issues ,coping strategies and alternative livelihoods • Development of Climate change adaptation plan for the varied livelihood groups in the study areas • Data analysis and Report Writing
    • Intern
      Water Resources Management Authority
      Jun 2009
      Aug 2009
      Attached at the regional Laboratory and key engagement included; -Collection of water sampes from selected point and non point monitored sources -Calibration of laboratory équipement -Physical,Chemical and Bacteriological water samples anaysis -Sterelization of laboratory equipment - Data management and Report writing
  • Top Skills

    2 Proposal and report writing
    • Others
      Environmental Impact Assessment And Environmental Auditing |