Sarpong Hammond Antwi
Project Intern at Netherlands Development Organization
Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development (LISD), Liechtenstein, University for Development Studies (UDS), Wa Campus, Ghana, Black Heritage, Wa, Ghana
Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES), University for Development Studies (UDS),Ghana, Nkawie Senior High Technical School, (NSHTS), Kumasi, Ghana
    • Enthusiastic team player and adaptable individual with a knack for excellence, diversity and commitment to organizational goals, with relevant experience in the field of community development, renewable energy policy and climate change.

    • Intern
      Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development (LISD), Liechtenstein
      May 2018
      Sep 2018
      • Wrote a grant proposal and compiled over 150 LISD list of conferences and funding sources peculiar to Africa. • Worked directly with Schrodinger Greentech Limited Renewable Energy Off-taker Partnership project under Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Call/UK Enterprise. • Represented LISD in North Africa as a Junior LEAP fellow.
    • Teaching Assistant
      University for Development Studies (UDS), Wa Campus, Ghana
      Sep 2016
      Jul 2017
      • Collected data on research projects undertaken by the Department for Community Development. • Organized and engaged in over 20 tutorials for students at various levels. • Assisted two lecturers with official duties on and off campus.
    • Chief Executive Office
      Black Heritage, Wa, Ghana
      Apr 2013
      Jun 2017
      • Provided strategic direction and management for all projects and activities of the NGO. • Made various presentations at events and served as a led facilitator for eight seminars and conferences. • Assisted two lecturers with official duties on and off campus. • Volunteered in over 18 Senior High Schools and communities as a speaker on career, leadership and women empowerment, this led to my winning of Regional Volunteer Award in 2016.
    • Host and Head of Morning Show Department.
      Ultimate Radio 101.9Mhz,
      Jan 2013
      Apr 2016
      • Developed the ability to communicate ideas effectively, build up confidence, construct and present arguments in a logical and persuasive manner on radio for the Morning Show team. • Covered several events on behalf of the station and as well hosted the most listened Morning show from Monday to Wednesday. • Led and challenged the Morning show team of 12 students to win the Best Radio Department in 2016.
    • Volunteer
      Youth Placement and Employability Solutions (Y-PES Ghana),
      Feb 2014
      Jun 2015
      • Recruited, coordinated, trained and posted 64 other volunteers to various user organizations in Upper West Region of Ghana. • Fostered oral language development and critical thinking skills during training programmes for volunteers. • Served as deputy administrator in charge of National Youth Authority projects under Y-PES.
    • Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES)
      Master of Science in Energy Policy.
      Degree Master Degree
      Activities & Societies Co-founder: PAUWES Climate Change and Gender Club Course Rep: 2017/18 CoP Editorial Team: 2017/19 15-22/2017: Winter School in Algiers on: Renewable Energy and Systems Design.
      • Relevant Modules Include Energy Policy Analysis, Energy Planning, African Energy Resource Scenarios and Environmental Impact Assessment. • Dissertation: Community Acceptability of Renewable Energy in Africa: Implication for Climate Change Action in Niger.
    • University for Development Studies (UDS),Ghana
      B.A. Integrated Community Development.
      Degree Bachelor Degree
      Grade 4.00/5.00 GPA
      Activities & Societies 2016/17: Teaching Assistant 2015/16: Speaker of Parliament 2013/15: Morning Show Host for Ultimate Radio 2012/16: Member Community Development Studies Students Association
      • Relevant Modules included: Community Development Processes, Disaster and Conflict Mangement, Management of Community Organization. • Final GPA: 4.00/5.00 with a dissertation on Challenges Women face in Milling and Fortification of Grains in Maase in Wa West District of Upper West Region
    • Nkawie Senior High Technical School, (NSHTS), Kumasi, Ghana
      General Arts
      Degree High School
      Grade 9
      Activities & Societies 2009-2010: Debate Club Leader 2010-2011: Editorial Team Leader 2008-2011: Class Representative of General Arts 2 2010: Ghana Exchange School Programme to Bishop Herman College
      •West African Secondary School Certificate Examination Certificate with Geography, Economics, Religious Studies and Government as electives. •Authored the 20th Anniverasy Poem for NSHTS. •Lead NHSTS to Ashanti regional debate competition finals in 2009 and winners in 2010. • Served as sponsorship manager for Ashanti Regional Student Representative Council
    • Certificate of Participation from on Climate, Gender and the environment
      Certification Authority United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
      Jul 2018
      Aug 2018
    • Certificate of Proficiency with Distinction from SDSN-EDU on Climate Change Science and Negotiation
      Certification Authority Sustainable Development Goal Academy
      May 2018
      Jul 2018
    • 02-04/2018 Certificate of Distinction on Natural Resources for Sustainable Development
      Certification Authority Sustainable Development Goal Academy
      Feb 2018
      Apr 2018
    • Open Learning Campus Certificate from World Bank Group Training on Policy Instrument for Low Emissions Development: From Design to Implementation.
      Certification Authority World Bank Group
      May 2018
      Jun 2018
    • Certificate of Training on Energy Efficiency Indicators: Essential for Policy Making
      Certification Authority International Energy Agency (IEA
      Jun 2018
      Sep 2023
    • English
      Proficiency Native or Bilingual
    • French
      Proficiency Limited Working
  • Top Skills

    Accomplished communication skills, developed through numerous essays and presentations.
    • Analytical and conceptual thinking, with a systemic approach to managing duties.
    • Competency in qualitative and quantitative research and policy analysis.
    • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft office suite, SPSS (statistics) and basic Web site design.
    • Negotiations and accountability skills.
    • Evaluating Rural Farmers Knowledge, Perception, and Adaptation Strategies on Climate Change in Ghana: The case study of the Wa
      Publication/Publisher Journal of Environment and Earth Science
      Publication Date Oct 2018
      Climate change is a phenomenon that has received significant international attention over the past years due to its profound negative effects on community livelihood especially in developing countries like Ghana where rain-fed agriculture is the main source of employment and livelihood for the majority of the population. Various studies have shown that knowledge and perceptions of people on climate change can have a significant influence on their adaptation and mitigation options, it is vital for researchers to, therefore, undertake regular assessments to gather concrete information on climatic trends and its impact so as to prescribe the best mitigative remedies. This work, therefore, evaluates the perceptions of farmers, their level of knowledge on climate change and the various strategies they employ in Wa West District of the Upper West region of Ghana. Based on findings from this study, a fervent recommendation for the building of resilience interventions in the study area that will target farmers especially women with low adaptive capacity to help boost their capacity in dealing with climate change was proposed.
    • Students in Climate Action: A Study of Some Influential Factors and Implications of Knowledge Gaps in Africa
      Publication/Publisher MDPI Environment
      Publication Date Jan 2019
      This study examined how the regional manifestations of climate change effects and students’ involvement in various climate-related clubs and activities influenced their knowledge and awareness of climate change. Key knowledge gaps and their implications for climate action were also examined. A cross-sectional survey was adopted for the study whilst a snowball sampling technique was used to select the respondents. A total of 300 students from 26 African countries participated in the survey. Descriptive statistics, relative importance index (RII) method and the chi-square test of independence were used to analyze the data. Results showed that regional manifestations of climate change effects and students’ involvement in climate change-related workshops and campaigns significantly influenced their knowledge levels whilst their membership of climate-related student clubs had no significant influence. Key knowledge gaps with regards to how factors such as meat consumption and waste generation could lead to climate change were also identified. Students were also less knowledgeable about how climate change affects key issues such as conflicts, gender inequalities and job insecurity. Intensification of climate change education beyond the most common causes and effects is highly recommended among the youth. Various environment-related student clubs are also encouraged to tailor their activities in this direction.
    • Community Accepatbility of Renewable Energy in Africa: A Review
      Publication/Publisher Elsevier Energy Policy ( In review)
      ( In review) more details to follow
    • Darasimi Project
      Occupation Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES)
      Apr 2019
      Jan 2000
    • Comments Africa Media
      Oct 2018
      Sep 2023
      Comments Africa Media is envisioning a media outlet that will run both on and offline services with the aim to rewriting the narratives in Africa. Comments Africa Media currents run, and, with a youtube channel coming up soon
    • Monthly scholarship for Master’s degree at PAUWES, Tlemcen (Living expenses, tuition fees).
      Student Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES)
      African Union
      Sep 2017
    • Upper West Regional Volunteer of the year by National Youth Authority, Ghana.
      Volunteer Youth Placement and Employability Solutions (Y-PES Ghana),
      National Youth Authority
      Nov 2016
    • 2015 Best Morning Show Host by Ultimate Radio (UDS, Wa Campus) Ghana
      Student University for Development Studies (UDS),Ghana
      University for Development Studies
      Mar 2015
    • Best Performing Student at 20th Anniversary Speech and Prize Giving Day by Nkawie Senior High Technical School, Nkawie, Ghana.
      Student Nkawie Senior High Technical School, (NSHTS), Kumasi, Ghana
      Nkawie Senior High Technical School
      Feb 2011
    • Date of Birth Apr 07 1992
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Single
      Nationality Ghanaian
      Phone Number +213 542947155 + 233 243659080
      Address P.O. Box SE 1032, Suame-Kumasi