Abdulrahman Mohamud Dirie
Water Policy Student at PAUWES
Somali Marine Resource Research Center
Benadir univesity, Draul Hikma University
Hodeidah University
    • Abdulrahman Mohamud Dirie, he was born and raised in Mogadishu-Somalia, graduated from Al-fajri Primary And Secondary School in Mogadishu-Somalia 2010 with Honoury of Average 90.1%, and received BSc. of Marine science and Environment, major in Environmental science from Hodeidah university in 2014, currently he was honored MSc. of water Policy by (PAUWES) Pan African university Institute of Water and Energy sciences (including Climate change), Tlemcen university in Tlemcen-Algeria, the scholarship is supported by DAAD, GIZ, KFW Bank and the african Union Commission.

      Abdulrahman is a Somali Federal Republic Officer, working wirh Somali Marine Resource research Center (SMRRC) as a head of Biotic Resources, he is also former lecturer at Benadir University and Darul-hikma University in Mogadishu, currently he lives in Tlemcen, Algeria, where his university is located. He is a fan of technology, sports, and science. He is also interested in research and volunteering.

      Short Form:

      Abdulrahman Mohamud Dirie

      Somali marine Resource Research Centre (SMRRC) Officer, Federal Republic of Somalia

      Former Benadir University & Darul Hikma Univeristy Lecturer

      BSc. Marine Science and Environment in 2014 | Hodeidah University | Hodeidah-Yemen.

      MSc. Candidate Water Policy 2020 | Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences - Including Climate Change (PAUWES) | Tlemcen University (Abou Bekr Belkaïd), B.P. 119 | Pôle Chetouane, Tlemcen 13000-Algeria.

    • Head of Section of Marine Biotic Resources
      Somali Marine Resource Research Center
      May 2015
      Mar 2024
      Protection of marine environment and marine biology, reporting extinct marine species and awareness of coastal population.
    • Part-time Lecturer
      Benadir univesity
      Sep 2016
      Feb 2018
      Teaching oceanography and General Environmental Science.
    • Part-time Lecturer
      Draul Hikma University
      Sep 2015
      Feb 2018
      Teaching Oceanography, General Environmental Science and Marine plankton.
    • Hodeidah University
      Marine and Environmental Science, Major in Environmental Science
      Degree Bachelor Degree
      Grade 3.5
    • Date of Birth Mar 05 1991
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Married
      Nationality Somalia
      Phone Number +252617337737
      Address Algeria