Bénigne Ishimwe Mugwaneza
Masters Student at PAUWES
UN-Habitat, Rwanda
Water4Virungas, Musanze, Rwanda, Resonate Ltd, Bridges to Prosperity, Rwanda
Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (Including Climate Change), University of Rwanda, College of Science and technology, Huye, Rwanda , Lycée Notre Dame de Citeaux, Kigali, Rwanda
    • Bénigne is a forward-thinking and highly motivated Civil Engineer from The University of Rwanda, with now her MSc in Water Policy from PAUWES. She has a very unique diverse background including her Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, her volunteering and work experience in journalism, community organizing and workshop content development and delivery. Bénigne has as well attended different summer schools, conferences, workshops and training on Sustainable Development, Integrated Water Resources Management and Climate Change. With her passion for leadership, she has served in several leadership volunteering positions over the past 10 years. At PAUWES, she was the students’ representative at the PanAfican University, AUC senate level and during her time she displayed excellent team spirit and the capability to mentor others to be better leaders. Moving on from PAUWES, Bénigne plans to pursue a career in the field of Water Management where she aims to be an influencer for the use of resources in a sustainable way.

    • Program Support Intern
      UN-Habitat, Rwanda
      Jun 2019
      Jul 2024
      Duties include:  Assisting the Rwanda country team in the completion of the Spatial Development Framework (SDF)  Support the country team on other relevant projects on smart and green cities, and informal settlement upgrading  Support with administrative issues related to ongoing projects, including documentation, organizing events, office management and communication with government and other partners
    • Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Intern
      Water4Virungas, Musanze, Rwanda
      Feb 2019
      May 2019
      Scope of the internship included:  General support in project management and progress tracking of existing IWRM initiatives at various sites as well as providing inputs into future developments  Support dissemination and communications to promote the IWRM in area of work and relevant initiatives  Support community engagement activities (PIP) in the project area  Give input on IWRM monitoring indicators  Input on online platforms
    • Leadership training facilitator
      Resonate Ltd
      Jun 2016
      Sep 2017
       Conducted trainings for participants in leadership and professional skills through a participatory training program rooted in community organizing and customized for local context, while using storytelling to build self-confidence and unlock leadership potential.  Coordinated the design and implementation of Resonate’s leadership training.  Oversaw external communication including newsletters, blogs, and social media.
    • Site Engineer and communications fellow
      Bridges to Prosperity, Rwanda
      Jan 2016
      May 2016
       Bridges to Prosperity is an international NGO that builds suspended bridges to help rural isolated communities to have access to social and economic development.  Prepared and coordinated an End of Year Campaign focusing on the impact of improved rural infrastructures on women and children.  Participated in the construction of the Coko suspension bridge.
    • Online marketing officer
      Hope Magazine Ltd
      Nov 2014
      Dec 2015
       Hope magazine is a monthly business and advertising magazine  Managed the website  Managed all online platforms and social media  Managed the newsletter, blogs, etc
    • Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (Including Climate Change)
      Water Policy
      Degree Master Degree
    • University of Rwanda, College of Science and technology, Huye, Rwanda
      Civil Engineering
      Degree Bachelor Degree
      Grade Second class honours, upper division
       Relevant Modules included: Civil engineering practice and surveying, fluid mechanics and pipe hydraulics, engineering geology, soil mechanics, structural design, hydraulics and environmental quality, integrated design  Focus: water resource and environmental management  Dissertation: Improvement of Rainwater Harvesting to reduce flood at Nyabugogo Swamp. Case Study: Kimisagara Sector – Rwanda
    • Lycée Notre Dame de Citeaux, Kigali, Rwanda
      Mathematics – Physics – Geography
      Degree High School
    • French
      Proficiency Professional Working
    • English
      Proficiency Professional Working
    • Kinyarwanda
      Proficiency Native or Bilingual