Yasmine ZIANI
Graduate student in Water Enginnering at Panafricain University (Institute of Water and energy science Incl.Climate Change)
Oxfam International , DAAD
Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs de la Ville
Panafricain University ( Institute of Water and Energy Science incl.Climate Change) PAUWES , University Of Tlemcen ( Abou bekr Belkaid)
    • Involded in my speciality, motivated, flexible and applies perfectly to the job to achieve the desired goal. 

      Volunteer and loves traveling around the world ! 

      Oxfam International
      Dec 2020
      Aug 2022
    • DAAD Alumni ClimapAfrica Program
      Oct 2019
      Aug 2022
      -Exchange and Networking with (Doctorate and Post-doctorate) to improve the understanding of climate change effects and to generate new and interesting research concepts. - Joining forces with like-minded people to develop and implement new ideas, especially as the network aims at the support of emerging talents - Supporting exchange with German scientist
    • Junior teacher ( Short-Term)
      Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs de la Ville
      Oct 2019
      Feb 2020
      -Provides practical work on GIS for environmental inspectors and hygienists -Supervise interns
    • Panafricain University ( Institute of Water and Energy Science incl.Climate Change) PAUWES
      Water Engineering
      Degree Master Degree
      Dissertation on comparison of historical time series of gridded monthly precipitation data from different sources CRU, GPCC, and HSM_SIEREM over Africa for the period (1940-1999), (graduated with distinction 89.11%)
    • University Of Tlemcen ( Abou bekr Belkaid)
      Hydraulics option ( Soil, water and development)
      Degree Engineer Degree
      Dissertation on: Application of vulnerability mapping to pollution by RISK method using GIS software (graduated with distinction 18/20).
    • Research to Practice Forum
      Certification Authority Director of United Nations University ( UNU- EHS) / Director of PAUWES
      Apr 2018
      Apr 2018
    • Winter School on Water sciences
      Certification Authority ZEF institute , University of Bonn / PAUWES institute
      Feb 2018
      Feb 2018
    • Training Certificate at Hydroscience Montpellier (research unit with Institute of Research for Development) IRD
      Certification Authority Director Of Hydroscience- Montpellier
      Apr 2019
      Jul 2019
    • TCF ( Test de Connaissance en Français) C2
      Certification Authority Centre Internationale d'études pédagogiques ( FRANCE)
      License Number 213043-01-200116-1516266
      Jan 2020
      Jan 2022
    • Arabic
      Proficiency Native or Bilingual
    • French
      Proficiency Fill Working
    • English
      Proficiency Professional Working
  • Top Skills

    Arc Gis
    MS Project
    Global mapper
    • Date of Birth Dec 25 1992
      Gender Female
      Marital Status Single
      Nationality ALGERIA
      Phone Number (+213) 772 74 89 73
      Address Oran