• Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant Ndejje University
  • Currently seeking opportunities
    A Pan African University Scholar, Mawulolo graduated with a Master of Science degree in Water policy in 2018 from the Water and Energy Science Institute, Algeria. She has also Master of Science degree in Climate Change and Human Security from the West African Science Service Centre on Climate and Adapted Land use (WASCAL)/University of Lomé, Togo. She is passionate about programs and projects centred around improving communities’ access to clean water with a strong focus on policy perspectives towards sustainable water access under the changing environment (including climate change). Her sense of leadership is evident from the volunteer leadership positions she has occupied.
    Forward-thinking and confident water policy student from the Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES) with well-honed communication skills and proven ability to build relationships, seeking a position in Water governance.
  • Water Engineering Graduate Student Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (Including Climate Change) PAUWES
    Confident and talented water engineering graduate student from the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (Including Climate Change) PAUWES.I would like to work with international organizations in the water and environmental fields.I aspire to participate towards the development of the water and sanitation sector of my country Mali and Africa at large.
  • Research Assistant Strathmore University Energy Research Centre
    43, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Ph.D Student University of Tlemcen
  • Industry & Energy Systems Planner
    Experienced in Industry and Energy Systems Design, Analysis and Planning.An MSc in Energy Engineering has fueled my desire for a sustainable energy transition by rapid deployment of renewable energy technologies in Africa . I have profound understanding of energy systems, system dynamics and operations research. I am passionate about dynamics, design, planning and policy formulation of sustainable energy systems. I am an expert with RE and energy modelling Softwares such as VenSim, RETSCREEN, HOMER Pro and PVsyst. I am skilled in computer programming including Python Programming, Jupyter DataScience (Seaborn and Boke Programming), Ladder Programming in Sequential Function Charts (SFC), Data Visualisation using Influx DB databases and Grafana platform (including Chronograf)
  • Assistant Lecturer Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic College
    I hold Master degree in Water Policy from Pan African University in Algeria. Additionally, I have a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Soil Science and Environmental Management (University of Rwanda) and a BSc with honors in Business Administration from University of the People (USA). I attended the 2017 Summer School on Coping with the Impact of Climate Change in Managing Water Resources at the Centre for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn, Germany. Before joing Master degree at PAUWES, I worked as a Conservation Education Consultant at Karisoke Research Center of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Internal Africa Program. I has also worked as a Student Services Officer for University of the People,California,in the United States of America (USA). Since 2015, I has been a visiting lecturer, notably in the faculty of business and economic and faculty of environmental management and water resources technology at Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic College - Rwanda. Also, I served in capacity of Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor at Ineza Women Initiative and conducted socio-economic impacts studies of water supply projects in Rwanda. Additionally, I conducted Master thesis research in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene domain in addition to other sereval reaseches I conducted and published.  
  • currently seeking opportunities
    A Pan African University of Water and Energy Sciences scholar, Sunkanmi graduated with a Master of Science degree in Energy Policy in 2018. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. He is passionate about improving energy access across African countries and has worked on multiple research projects centered around this issue with a strong focus on governing policies. He is also zealous about leadership and has served in several volunteer leadership positions over the past 10 years across a number of sectors in Nigeria, Algeria, and Germany.
  • Teaching Assistant Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Water & Irrigation Engineer
    Julius Omondi trained as an Environmental and Biosystems Engineer from the College of Architecture and Engineering (University of Nairobi in Kenya). Upon graduating, he joined GEDO Associates in Kenya as a Graduate Engineer. He later joined PAUWES as a Water Engineering student. At PAUWES, he was involved in the PAUWES Community of Practice (CoP) as a self-taught photographer and the group leader of the Multi-Media Team. In Algeria, he learned French language, which enables him to work in a Francophone environment. From his master thesis research work (carried out in Burkina Faso), Julius has combined engineering and entrepreneurship ideas to innovate a sustainable solution to the huge losses incurred by farmers as a result of drought. He has a private project in Kenya at Kwoyo water supply project where he is designing water supply system for the village. Julius aspires to work internationally as a researcher providing solutions to problems.
  • Water Quality, Water Treatment & Sanitation systems expert Technik Ohne Grenzen
    A zealous and confident water Engineering student from the Pan African University of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES) with well-honed communication skills and a proven hunter mindset to generate new business and innovation, seeking a position in the Laboratory Analysis of water and wastewater.
  • Water Quality Officer Safe Water and Sustainable Hygiene Initiative
  • M&E officer Ventrix Consulting