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11/28/19 1:00 AM - 11/29/19 1:00 AM
by Axel Nguedia Ng... 1 guest 0.0
Industry experts meet at this specialist hub serving to link up eastern and western Europe. Europe’s no. 1. hydroelectrics industry gathering highlights the contribution hydropower makes to safe, sustainable, affordable and climate-neutral energy provision. The 2-day congress attracts the who is who of the hydropower industry. Current issues such as political and legal frameworks, practical experience, energy storage, maintenance and modernisation, e-mobility as well as ecologically acceptable hydropower plant construction are introduced and discussed by groups of experts. Furthermore, the „3rd Eastern Europe Hydropower Forum“, the „4th European Association´s Meeting“ and the Workshop „Hydropower in Africa and Latin America“ will be part of the event. On both days of the event the Hydro-Forum in Hall 10 offers visitors a diverse programme of talks, presentations and discussions on current issues facing the hydropower sector. Details about the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of hydroelectric power stations, implemented projects, practical experiences, hydropower plant components and innovations will be presented here. The exhibiting companies provide an overview of their products and services. The event closes on Friday afternoon with a panel discussion of ‘Perspectives for the hydropower industry in tomorrow’s energy system’. Over 100 big-name businesses and institutes exhibit at the fair from up and down the entire hydropower profit generation chain. The RENEXPO INTERHYDRO addresses everyone employed in hydropower businesses and industries, authorities and municipalities, politicians and associations, scientists and researchers, from all over Europe.
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