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International Conference Water Science for Impact
10/16/18 9:00 AM - 10/18/18 5:00 PM
by Brian Oduor 1 guest 0.0
Host by Wageningen University and Research
Orion, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Sessions 16 October 14.15 hrs Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus Presentation by Janez Susnik on data driven quantification of the global water-energy-food system 14.15 hrs Transnational City-to-City Learning to accelerate urban adaptation Presentation by Chris Zevenbergen (introduction to session) and Assela Pathirana on enablers and barriers for City-to-City learning in developing countries 17 October 10.45 hrs Economics and governance of nature-based solutions for urban water management Chaired by Yong Jiang and Berry Gersonius will give a presentation on Uncertainty in Valuing Blue Green Infrastructure (BGI) Benefits 10.45 hrs Integrated Modelling and Management of Water Resources: the Ecosystem Perspective on the Nexus Approach Presentation by Janez Susnik on the Global Water-Energy-Food System Assessment 16.00 hrs Water, peace and security: assessing risks and exploring mitigation options Presentations by consortium partners Deltares and WRI 18 October 09.00 hrs The water-energy-food nexus: from concept to model Panel discussion with Janez Susnik 11.00 hrs Policy coherence and the Nexus concept; learning from Serious Games Serious games in the SIM4NEXUS project with Janez Susnik and Sara Masia
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