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5/31/18 2:00 PM - 5/31/18 3:00 PM
PAUWES Building, Chetouane, Algeria
by Mark M. Akrofi 1 guest 0.0
Host by PCCEC with CoP
PAUWES Building, Chetouane, Algeria
Dear all, Kindly find below the link to join tomorrow’s webinar on risks and uncertainties in low carbon energy transition.  The time is 14:00GMT Thank you. PCCE/CoP   https://rarsus.adobeconnect.com/low-carbon/
In cognizance of the eminent threats of fossil fuels to the sustainability of our planet, the switch from fossils to renewables has become the global agenda in the field of energy and sustainability. Whiles this transition is necessary to address global warming and climate change, it is also noted to have enormous risks and uncertainties. This prompted the European Union (EU) to establish the TRANSrisk project which seeks to assess low emission pathways that are technically and economically feasible and are acceptable from a social and environmental perspective under the EU Horizon 2020 programme. The African continent is embattled with tackling energy poverty and is caught between meeting demand with new renewable sources whiles switching from existing fossil fuels at the same time. In this webinar, the PAUWES Climate Change and Environmental Community (PCCEC) brings an expert from the TRANSrisk project to shed some light on the transition pathways and the associated risks with emphasis on the African context.
  • Brian Oduor
    Brian Oduor: Looking forward to the webinar
    • May 31, 2018
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